Professional Experience

Producer, Videographer

– Recording and editing a series of instructional videos detailing a unique process for pressing and modifying ceramic sinks. This work is a step toward a feature-length documentary on Dan Weaver, the genius potter.


Sound Designer, Recordist

– Designed, recorded audio for feature film Brief Reunion, produced by Ben Silberfarb, directed by John Dashbach


Curriculum Designer and Instructor, TA

  1. 1.               Dartmouth College: Music 24 x-hour—live performance using computers; an introduction to PD and Max/MSP


Curriculum Designer and Instructor

  1. Beginning to Intermediate ProTools use for recording and composition for Union-98 music educators


Cutlery Maker

 Designed and made, from raw materials, high-end cutlery for customers across the world. 


Apprentice at WaterstoneSink

– Studied high craftsmanship with master craftsman Dan Weaver. 


Design and Sales of binaural meditation CDs

 Custom Binaural Beat meditation CDs are sold directly and on eBay. These CDs cause the listener’s predominant state of consciousness to change from Beta to Alpha, Theta, or Delta while conscious. Uses of CDs vary.


Independent Mobile Recording

 Recording and mastering of live ensembles.