Current Projects

Current Projects

For a youTube video detailing some of my more recent projects, click here.


-The process of producing video is one I’ve found to be thoroughly engaging. My most recent project is moving towards the making of a documentary on Dan Weaver of . He is, without question, one of the most brilliant people I have ever encountered. Rough-draft material is available to watch here.


Music Games


    Computer games are an example of how a set of rules and goals can be engaging. It is also a way in which real-time visual feedback from the screen is absolutely necessary for completing the task effectively. I am designing musical instruments that use these concepts—and the idea that rules that have some basis in non-digital reality are more intuitive and effective—which will allow people to become ‘players’ both in the gaming sense and in the musician sense. The will develop unique solutions within the rules systems along their paths to virtuosity. 


Vehicle Modification and Remedial Driving Technique for Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

– Cars are designed with compromise after compromise regarding fuel efficiency. I’m interested in reversing some of these compromises by modifying the function of the engine, the shape of the car’s body to improve aerodynamics, and improving on the universally inefficient way that most people drive. With a few minor modifications and a drastic reworking of how I drive, I was able to improve my fuel efficiency of my Honda Civic Hatchback from 32 mpg average to over 55 mpg. More recently, I have improved the mileage of my originally amazing Honda Insight Gen1 Hybrid from 58mpg EPA(current standards) to 81mpg. Modifications have been made to the hybrid system (installing manual control switches) and to the body to improve aerodynamics.



    -I enjoy working with my hands. I’ve found making utility and cooking knives to be a very fulfilling pastime, of late. Shaping and grinding the blade from a blank of tool steel is visceral and artful. Finishing the knife and handle, figured hardwood that was found hiding in a firewood pile for example, is slow, steady work—with a beautiful,  polished, useable knife that will last a lifetime as the result. I’ve had very positive feedback from buyers across the globe. Website is