Solo for Three Pieces
(Kevinity) – A Performance piece written in Max/MSP for the Disklavier Grand PianoRecordings from a live concert in Oberlin, Ohio.

recording 1

recording 2

recording 1 is a duo performance by myself and Ross Feller.

recording 2 is an improvisation by 7 formerly oberlin-based musicians.

both recordings circa 2006

This recording features the Max piano synth sound. Please enjoy, and imagine a freshly-tuned Grand.

Too Close4mb.m4a

This is an etude that explores the sonic potential of a cymbal. It is the precursor to quiet music.

quiet music

quiet music is a piece born from an interest in the ways in which a listener marks time and gesture. Any resemblance to Too Close is purely coincidental. A quiet space and comfortable position is recommended.


This is a piece written for six electric guitars and notated in text. Find the score in ‘Compositions’.


This recording is of the New York City-based jazz quartet NRRP. Of note is the fact that this recording was made 6 days after I broke my collarbone. I am playing drumset on this recording. Circa 2008.

New England Digital is a laptop trio consisting of Chris Peck, Beau Sievers, and myself. We were formed when all of us were master’s candidates at Dartmouth. Recording 1 and 2 are improvisation which explore different gesture ideas for the laptop and are examples sophisticated roll shifting.

recording 1

recording 2


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